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Air Separator

Ana SayfaSeparationAir Separator
Ana SayfaSeparationAir Separator

Air Separator

Our Air Separator is designed to provide easy separation of mixed materials. By applying the grids, gravity principles, friction and centrifugal force to the dimensions and dimensions of the materials, the correct classification of the materials is performed. It provides high-speed and energy-saving airflows that work in low pressure. Lightly separates materials from lighter materials. Optionally, vibrating sieve can be coupled. Depending on customer demand, our products are available in various capacities.

Air separators are systems consisting of belt conveyor, separating chamber, vibrating screen and fans. As MT, we produce easy-to-use air separators for separating different materials. The air separator size varies according to the capacity. Machine service and maintenance is performed quickly. Efficient technology and energy are especially important for machines that are constantly running. MT technology enables minimum power consumption and maximum performance.

    Air Separator E-Catalog

    MT Makina E-Katalog


    • Possibility of different material separation
    • Continuous and continuous operation
    • Maximum earnings in minimum area
    • Adjustable belt speed
    • Filter systems
    • Production in different capacities

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