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Sorting Platform

Ana SayfaMSW SortingSorting Platform
Ana SayfaMSW SortingSorting Platform

Sorting Platform

Our Sorting Platforms are designed for manual disposal of solid wastes from the conveyor through operators in solid waste separation plants. Responsible operators can work comfortably in the cabin where a safe and comfortable working environment has been provided. Operators work on the conveyor (collection band) line passing through the separation platform. One or more collection bands can pass through the platform. The speed of the collection band can be adjusted from the control panel. All operators take the wastes they are responsible for from the collection band and leave them to waste bins adjacent to the conveyor belt.

The decomposition platform usually has more than one waste chute. With its optional size and structure, the sorting platform is designed according to the demands of the customer. As MT, we produce easy-to-use sorting platforms for the recycling of domestic waste. Platform size varies with capacity. Sorting band speed can be adjusted from the control panel. Rapid intervention in machine service and maintenance. We have production of sorting platforms in different capacities. Efficient technology and energy are especially important for continuously working machines. MT technology provides minimum energy consumption and maximum performance.

    Sorting Platform E-Catalog

    MT Machinery E-Catalog


    • Adjustable band speed
    • Capacity suitable waste chimneys
    • Separation chamber (Optional)
    • Production at different capacities

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