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Compost Fertilizer Plant

Ana SayfaMSW SortingCompost Fertilizer Plant
Ana SayfaMSW SortingCompost Fertilizer Plant

Compost Fertilizer Production Plant

Our Compost Fertilizer Production Plant, processes the organic substance into organic fertilizer. Generally speaking, organicmaterials refer to cow manure, vermicompost, food waste, bio-organic materials. Our organic fertilizer machine can perfectly process the mentioned organic wastes. We also, designs two kinds types organic fertilizer making process. One is powder organic fertilizer manufacturing process. The other is granular organic fertilizer manufacturing project. We have various productioncapacities according to the customer’s demand.

Our company produces compost fertilizer, easy to use facilities. The size of the facility varies according to the capacity. The separation band speed can be adjusted from the control panel. Machine service and maintenance is performed quickly. MT technology ensures minimum energy consumption and maximum performance.

    Compost Fertilizer Production Plant E-Catalog

    MT Makina E-Catalog


    • Environmentally friendly
    • Provides organic fertilizer production
    • Production of powdered organic fertilizers
    • Production of granulated organic fertilizers

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