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MRB-Bladed Micronized

Ana SayfaMicronizedMRB-Bladed Micronized
Ana SayfaMicronizedMRB-Bladed Micronized

MRB-Bladed Micronized

Our MRB-Series Bladed Micronized is designed for micronization of nearly all materials that are not dry and sticky. It is used forgrinding and powdering various minerals. It has interchangeable screen design. Replacement of blades are quite easy. To prevent overloading of the micronized motor, automatic system is equipped with switching on/off, Efficient technology and energy are particularly important for machines that are constantly running. MT Technology provides minimum power consumption andmaximum performance. We have various production capacities according to the customer’s demand.

Micronized blade distances are adjustable. It is suitable for higher capacity and larger material input with its compact structure and superior performance. Micronized is equipped with automatic system shutdown to prevent overloading of the motor. Efficient technology and energy are especially important for machines that are constantly running. MT technology enables minimum power consumption and maximum performance.


    MRB-Bladed Micronized E-Catalog

    MT Machinery E-Catalog


    • Adjustable blades for abrasion-resistant removal
    • Easy to change mesh design
    • Low noise level
    • Closed system feed (Optional)
    • Unloading sacks tie / Suction fan
    • Belt pulley drive system
    • Production at different capacities

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